Prayer to God the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit,
Third person of the Blessed Trinity!
Spirit of Truth, Love and Holiness,
Proceeding from The Father and the Son,
And equal to Them In all things!

I adore you And love you
With all my heart.
Teach me To know and to seek God,
By whom and for whom I was created.
Fill my heart With holy fear and love of God.

Grant me Compunction and patience,
And allow me not to fall into sin.
Give me An increase of Faith, Hope and Charity,
And bring forth in my soul All the virtues
Proper to my state of life.

Give me The four Cardinal Virtues,
Your seven Gifts And your twelve Fruits.
Make me A faithful follower of Jesus
And an obedient child Of the Church.

Give me The grace to keep the Commandments
And to receive The Sacraments worthily.
Raise me to perfection In the state of life
To which you have called me, And lead me
Through a happy death, To everlasting life,
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Grant me also, O Holy Spirit,
You who are the giver Of all good gifts,
The special favor for which I ask

(name the request)

If it be For your greater honor and glory
And the good of my soul.

Say 3 Glory Be...

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