Amazing Picture that Heals

Amazing Picture that Heals

Thousand claim a simple picture of Christ on the cross brought them years of good luck and miracle cures.

The copy of the picure could change your life too. If you really believe it can. It’s not a work of art, but the spirit is there, says Father Ricardo La Paz, who passed out hundreds of copies of the photo to his parishioners in Cadiz, Spain after his mother was cured of a blood disease.

Albert Hennings, a Chicago area barber, claims his photo has brought him and his family good luck ever since he hung it in his home five years ago.

“My cousin won the Illinois lottery when whe rubbed her tickets on the picture. Hannings gave him in the hospital.

Frozen Hell

Other claims of good fortune and divine intervention come from all parts of the United States, Europe,  the Middle East and Asia.

A Russian sentenced to labor in Siberia ten years ago, credits a wallet sized copy of the photo for helping him survive five years in a frozen hell.

Jose Benito, a Los Angeles cab driver, believes a snapshot – sized copy of the picture saved his life an he lives of two passengers in a head on collision with a truck.

Good Job

Steve Mason was a stree person in 1985, panhandling in Seattle when a woman handed him a battered copy of the picture.

“The change in my luck was miraculous,” he says. “I’d barely walked 50 feet when I was offered a job as a dishwasher in a small restaurant. Two weeks later, I got a good job as a construction worker and have been doing great since.”

Mason says “the most remarkable thing was that his entire attitude change.”

I was on the streets Because I didn’t care. “He Explains. “I was depressed after the death of my wife and didn’t care if I live or died. “But that chaged the moment I touched the picture.”

A Sun investigation indicates the original cruxifix is in Baldassaro, a tiny village in southern Sicily. It was made by an arts and crafts worker in a old age home in early 1960’s.

The old woman who made the cruxifix died in a short while after completing it. Within six months it was credited with a series of miracles. Then a young girl took a picture of it and sent it to her mother in Rome. Within days, the woman was cured of lung cancer.


Other cures and miracles were attributed to the picture and before long photocopies of it were being passed around. Amazingly, the miracles continued with the copies.

Copies of the picture started showing up in souvenir stores in Rome during the late 60s where tourists from all parts of Europe and America bought copies. Since then, the photo has been copied and re-copied dozens perhaps hundreds of times, says Fortunato.

Father La Paz says his mother got her picture during the 1970s from  friend.

An American bishop who asked that his name not be used says he’s convinced the photo does possesses a power to heal.

-JOHN JUSTICE April 16, 2000 – SUN - 19

Prayer for Salvation

Holy name of Jesus save me. Holy Blood of Jesus cover and protect me. Holy throne of Jesus fence and surround me. Holy cross of Jesus light me and guide me. Holy wounds of Jesus heal me and hide me forgive me. Mama Mary pray for me. Holy Spirit dwells in me.

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