Novena to Christ the King

This is taken from a Devotional Booklet called "Jesus King of All Nations Devotion". It is accepted by the Catholic Church and has the Nihil Obstat.

Recite One Our Father, One Hail Mary and One Glory Be per day followed by the Novena Prayer:

O Lord our God,
You alone are the Most Holy King
And Ruler of all nations.

We pray to You, Lord,
In the great expectation of receiving from You,
O Divine King,
Mercy, peace, justice and all good things.
Protect, O Lord our King,
Our families and the land of our birth.

Guard us we pray Most Faithful One.
Protect us from our enemies
And from Your Just Judgment
Forgive us, O Sovereign King,
Our sins against you.

Jesus, You are a King of Mercy.
We have deserved Your Just Judgment.
Have mercy on us, Lord, and forgive us.
We trust in Your Great Mercy.

O most awe-inspiring King,
We bow before You and pray;
May Your Reign, Your Kingdom,
Be recognized on earth. Amen.