Our Lady of Fatima Prayer

Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

I salute thee, the most amiable Lady of Fatima and choose thee for my most Dear Mother. I beg thee to accept me as thy child and servant, I desire no other Mother but thee. I entreat thee, my good, kind and sweet mother, to remember that I am thy child,that thou art most powerful, and that I am poor, vile and weak creature. I supplicate thee also, most benign Mother, to direct and support me in all my undertakings, for alas, I am poor and indigent and need thy gracious assistance and protection Most Holy Virgin, My sweet Mother, let me participate in all thy virtues, particularly in thy humility, thy perfect purity. and thy fervent charity but above all, grant me

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Do not tell me, most clement Virgin, that thou canst not, for thy beloved Son given thee all power in Heaven and on earth, do not allege that thou shouldst not, for thou art the common Mother for all the children of Adam. Let thy name be exalted, and by thy intercession obtain for me all the favors and graces of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost the object of all my love for time and eternity. AMEN.

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