Saint Expeditus

Prayer to Saint Expeditus Bearer of Money

In Order to never lack money, the petitioner must keep a print portraying the Saint with some coins at the bottom of the drawer or wherever money is normally kept. One must make sure that there is always at least one coin offered to Saint Expeditus in gratitude. When money is needed the following prayer will help:

I ask you, St. Expeditus, to aid me in my financial situation. Let Your strength and support protect my income and help me obtain enough money so that I will not suffer, need and want. Please let peace and enjoyment reign in my household. I ask You and pray that my wishes be granted and glorify Your intercession. Amen.

THE OFFERING - In order to thank the Saint, the petitioner will give alms to a child and elderly person or to a pregnant woman. Everyday the following prayer can be said so that the petitioner will never be in need:

"I trust You, Saint Expeditus, to place Your good hand upon everything I need."